my high heels
Pretty much that last time I actually wore high heels before my kids were born!


Hello Reader!  First off I’d like to say welcome and thank you for visiting my site.  I am a mid-30’s pharmacist, married mother of 2 toddlers, who just like many other working moms is just trying to find balance in her life what with juggling kids, marriage, relationships and work along with probably a hundred other obligations and responsibilities.

This blog is about my random interests ranging from finance and interior design to healthcare and parenting and I hope if you stumbled up on here or gasp! came because someone referred you here that you can find something useful and/or amusing!

This blog is definitely a work in progress so bear with me as you may see changes in the direction and content of this blog.  Hopefully you’re up for the ride!  It’s also somewhat of an experiment for me to (1) force myself to constantly learn and write more which I read is a great mental exercise and (2) to see if I can one day make this blog profitable for purposes of writing off some taxes.  =D  I do live in California and along with most other middle class workers, get taxed a lot.  I’d also love to connect with other professional working women/mothers who share my interests and have a passion for finance, healthcare and/or parenting.  Thanks again for dropping by!


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